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Stances (Sogi)
Annun     Sitting
Gunnun   Walking
Niun        L
Gojung    Fixed
Dwitbal   Rear Foot
Moa       Close
Junbi      Ready
Kyocha  X
Nachuo  Low
Soo Jik  Vertical
Guburyo Bending
Narani   Parallel

Attacking and Blocking Tools
Joomuk               Fist
Sonkal                 Knifehand
Dung Joomuk     Backfist
Yop Joomuk       Sidefist
Sonkal Dung      Reverse Knifehand
Palmok               Forearm
Palkup                Elbow
Songarak           Fingers
Moorup               Knee
Balkal                 Footsword
Apkumchi           Ball of Foot


Najunde Makgi               Low Section Block
Chookyo Makgi              Rising Block
Yop Makgi                      Side Block
Ap Makgi                        Front Block
Songkal Daebi Makgi   Knifehand Guarding Block
Palmok Daebi Makgi    Forearm Guarding Block
Sang Palmok Makgi     Twin Forearm Block
Sang Sonkal Makgi      Twin Knifehand Block
Hechyo Makgi               Wedging Block
Dollimyo Makgi             Circular Block
Golcho Makgi                Hooking Block
Mongdungi Makgi         U-Shape Block
Ollyo Makgi                    Upward Block
Noollo Makgi                  Pressing Block
Miro Makgi                     Pushing Block
Doo Palmok Makgi       Double Forearm Block
San Makgi                      W-Shape Block

Kaunde Jirugi                          Middle Section Punch
Nopunde Jirugi                        High Section Punch
Bandae Jirugi                          Reverse Punch
Ap Chagi /Ap Cha Busigi      Front Snap Kick
Yop Chagi Yop Cha Jirugi     Side Kick
Dollyo Chagi                            Roundhouse Kick
Songkal Taerigi                      Knifehand Strike
Dung Joomuk Taerigi            Back fist Strike
Sun Sonkut Tulgi                    Straight Fingertip Thrust
Dwijibo Jirugi                         Upset Punch
Sewo Jirugi                            Vertical Punch
Ollyo Jirugi                              Upward Punch
Palkup Taerigi                        Elbow Strike
Dung Joomuk yop taerigi       Back Fist Side Strike
Wi Palkup Taerigi                  Upper Elbow Strike
Moorup Taerigi                       Knee Strike
Naeryo Songkal Taerigi          Downward Knifehand Strike
Yop Palkup Taerigi                Side Elbow Strike
Songkal Dung Taerigi            Reverse Knifehand Strike
Dwijibo Sonkut Tulgi              Upset Fingertip Thrust
Opun Sonkut Tulgi                 Flat Fingertip Thrust
Dwit Chagi                             Back Kick
Bandae Dollyo Chagi              Reverse Roundhouse Kick
Fuwigi                                     Vertical Kick
Bakuro Fuwigi                        Outside Vertical Kick
Bandal Chagi                         Crescent Kick
Bituro Chagi                           Twisting Kick

Mulusimyo    Backwards
Dwirodora      Turnaround
Sunbae Nim   Senior
BuSabumNim Program Leader
Sabum Nim     Instructor (4th Dan or higher)
KyoSa Nim     Assistant to Director
Kwanjang Nim Director
Charyot            Attention
Kyong Ye         Bow
Junbi               Ready
Sijak                 Begin
Guman             Stop
Bero                 Rest
Japki                Grab
Twimyo            Flying
Twigi               Jumping
Kupso             Vital Spot(s)
Dallyon            Forging of tools
Ilbo Daeryon  One Step Sparring
Sambo Daeryon 3 Step Sparring
Chayoo Daeryon Free Sparring
Hosinsul         Self-Defense
Wen                Left
Orun               Right
Kaunde          Middle Section
Nopunde        High Section
Najunde         Low Section
Bandae         Reverse

Anuro             Inward
Bakuro          Outward
An                  Inner
Bakat            Outer
Ap                 Front
Yop               Side
Dwit              Rear


Principles of Living Force: (Seng-gi Wi Wolli)
Control of Mass                   Mom We Chojol
Focus                                   Chochum
Acceleration                        Ga-sok
Integrated Breathing           Oll-barun Shumshigi
Center                                  Joong-shim
Counter Force                     Bandong-Ryuk

Tenets:  (Jungshin)
Courtesy                    Ye Ui
Integrity                      Yom Chi
Perseverance           In Nae
Self-Control              Guk Gi
Indomitable Spirit     Baekjul Boolgool
Community Service  Sa Hei Bong Sa
Love                           Sa Rang

 UTF Training Principles: (Kyonsup Wonchik)


Awareness                      Inshik
Relaxation                       Kinjang Wanhwa
Timing                             Shigi
Repetition                       Panbok
Realistic Application   Yeungyong


Spontaneous Adaptability  Chogung
Flow                                      Hurum
Integration                            Tonghap


PRONUNCIATION GUIDE - approximate (sounds vary with what comes before and after)
a = ah, as in father
e = eh, as in let, but with a little bit of “ay” in it
i = ee
o = oh, as in hope (never ah as in hot, for that sound the “a” is used, see above)
u = halfway between “oo” in moon and the u in cut (similar to the “oo” in book)
ae -= halfway between the “i” in like and “ay”
y = the y in yes
NOTE: The k. p, or t at the end of a word should not be heard, they just stop the vowel sound.

NAMING A TECHNIQUE: Stance tool height (location) (direction) technique is the order used
to name a technique or move whether in English or Korean. The location (front/side/rear) and
direction (forward/backward) is sometimes understood and not necessary to name. In the
beginning it is good practice to name the moves as fully as possible. Later, the names will be
shortened as normal use becomes understood, and then the fuller terms will be used for the less
used and more unusual variations of the moves.

Gunnun Sogi Ap Joomuk Kaunde Jirugi = Walking stance forefist middle section punch
Gunnun Sogi Bakat Palmok Najunde Bakuro Maki = Walking stance outer forearm low
Section outward block
Niun Sogi An Palmok Kaunde Yop Maki = L-stance inner forearm middle section side block