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Benefits of Tae Kwon Do

Although Taekwon-Do provides effective self-defense skills people today study it for other benefits, among them cardiovascular fitness, increased mental energy and greater self-discipline. As you progress in Taekwon-Do you discover that the mental and emotional balance required to excel in Taekwon-Do carries over in to your every day life, helping you focus and cope with the problems you face.

Training purposes: To develop awareness and the ability to adapt and act.


    • combine inner power with outer strength 

    • physical conditioning: strength, stamina, flexibility 

    • self-defense 

    • self-development, improvement, and empowerment 

    • greater awareness of self and surroundings 

    • spontaneous adaptability 

    • develop a strong spirit 

    • strengthen moral culture 

    • confidence building (less-fear training) 

    • leadership development 

    • enhance balance and perspective 

    • relaxation and stress reduction 

    • physical and mental healthfulness 

    • service