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The Kodanja is a board of experienced Tae Kwon Do practitioners that provides ideas and recommendations to the Co-Presidents, and participates in organizing and implementing the various programs and projects of the UTF.

Master Helman

  • Bruce Helman
  • 7th Dan

Trained with Grand Master Han for 18 years.
Head Instructor to the Korean Academy (Church School) 1990-1997.
Assistant to multiple community service programs from late 1970's.
Headed children's programs for Hans Taekwon Do
Secretary of the U.T.F.
Head of U.T.F. Tournament Services.
Judges Spokesman at Promotional tests.
Participant on numerous demonstration teams.
Promoted to 7th Dan in 2012.


Mr. Runnstrom

  • William Runnstrom
  • 5th Dan
  • Instructor

Started training with Grandmaster Han in 1976
Founded Taekwon Do programs at:
The Allendale School for Boys, Round Lake Illinois
The Skinner School for the Blind, Chicago Illinois
The Oak Therapy School, Chicago Illinois
Music Director of Church of Sweden, Anderslov Sweden
Promoted to 4th Dan in 1994

Mr. Gonzalez

  • Richard Gonzalez
  • 5th Dan
  • Instructor

Studied Taekwon Do in U.S. Coast Guard 1976-1977, Governors Island, NY
Started training with Grandmaster Han 1980
Assisted at Illinois Children’s Hospital Physically Disabled Program, Chicago 1980-83
Teacher, Evanston High School adult education TKD program 1983
Opened Dynastrike TKD School, Prescott Arizona 1997
Redesigned and began production of Dynastrike products 1997
Promoted to 4th Dan in 2005

Promoted to 5th Dan in 2012


 Ms. Vimont (ret.)


  • Margaret Vimont
  • 5th Dan
  • Instructor


Trained in various UTF schools since 1986

Began the JCFS Taekwon Do program in 1988

Continues to instruct the JCFS Program for youth and adults

Has taught women’s' self defense courses to women with IMPACT Chicago since 1992

Developed and teaches full force self defense course for teen girls for IMPACT Chicago

Presented on the use of Martial Arts training with Behaviorally Disturbed and Aggressive youth at a national conference in 1999

Promoted to 4th Dan in 2006

Promoted to 5th Dan in 2012



Mr. Augenlicht

  •  Robert Augenlicht

  •  4th Dan

  •  Instructor

Started training with Grandmaster Han in 1985. 

Headed the Montrrose Ave. school in Chicago.

Trained overseas in the mid-1990's

Promoted to 4th Dan in 2007